I have been asked to post a request for assistance in locating original
copies (not microfilm) of newspapers that can be filmed or photographed.
The list of needs is:


Hannibal Journal (1851--1853)
    September 16, 1852
    May 6, 1853
    September 8, 1853
    (masthead from any of the papers during Twain's tenure there)
(I understand that the State Historical Society of Missouri at Columbia,
has original copies of the "Hannibal Journal" but will not allow them to be
filmed or photographed under any circumstances.  For whatever reasons, I'm
not sure.)

Daily Territorial Enterprise (Sept. 1862--May, 1864)
    February 3, 1863
    (masthead from any of the papers during Twain's tenure there)

Daily Morning Call (May--October, 1864)

The Golden Era (1864)

The Saturday Press of New York
    November 18, 1865

Sacramento Union
    April, 1866

Alta California, 1866-1867
    October 2, 1866
    December 10, 1866
    June 30, 1867

Buffalo Express
    Thursday, August 26, 1869

Hartford Courant
    April 20, 1894

St. Louis Post Dispatch
    Friday, May 30, 1902


If anyone has access to or knowledge of location of any of the above
original resources (not microfilm), please email me at:

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