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Mon, 29 Nov 1993 21:21:16 EST
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I would like to announce that I now have Volumes 1 and 2 of
Paine's Biography of Mark Twain available electronically.  It cost
only $12 and comes on three high density diskettes.

Ordering information and information about Jerry's Books has been included
in this append for those of you that don't know about me.  It is
sort of a mini-advertisement I guess.  If this offends anyone, I

If anyone would like this diskette I would ask that you
respect all the time that has been spent in its production.  This
diskette is being made available at a very reasonable cost and
OVER A YEAR'S WORK went into its production.  Please
don't steal this work by copying and distributing this diskette!

I will put out the second diskette containing the next two volumes
of the work but I can not do it if all this work is stolen.  I have
applied for a copyright on my material and as you will notice this
work does have a Library of Congress number that I applied for.

                       Ordering Information

 Roughing It, Vol. 1 disk only                                  $7
 Huckleberry Finn disk only                                     $7
 Paine's Biography of Mark Twain
        Volumes 1 and 2, disk only                              $12

 Roughing It, Vol 1 disk with hard  bound copy of book         $27
 Huckleberry Finn disk with hard    bound copy of book         $27
 Hard copy of Paine's Biography
        expected to ba available in
        April 1994
Foreign orders add $1.00 to the cost of each item.  US currency only.

 High Density 3.5" disk (1.44 Meg)
 Double Density 3.5" disks (720 K)
Name   _____________________________________________

Order Total:
Any applicable taxes and shipping are included in the prices listed above.

Make checks payable to: Jerry's Books
                        451 Hillside Drive
                        Hurley, N.Y.  12443

***WordPerfect format is shipped unless DOS text format is requested.  DOS
text will NOT
include all the formatting codes as the WP51 version.

                        About Jerry's Books

Jerry O'Brien has been a fan and student of
Mark Twain for many years.  He has performed one-man shows
of "An Evening with Mark Twain" in Iowa.  During his research
for these shows, he felt that some very good quotes of Mark
Twain were missing from reference material available at the time.
Therefore, as a long term project Mr. O'Brien began entering
Mark Twain texts into a personal computer.  By doing this,
passages and phrases of Mark Twain material could be located
and extracted easily.

Because of his love for Mark Twain and his
desire to share Twain's material with others, Mr. O'Brien asked
for permission from the Mark Twain Foundation to electronically
publish selected works of Mark Twain.  And, that is how Jerry's
Books came to be.

Roughing It and Huckleberry Finn currently are reproductions of the Author's
National Editions of Mark Twain.  Transcriptions of the original editions
or the facsimile editions of these works will be available in the future.
Each disk contains scanned illustrations from the original text
and a specially created topical/subject index not in the original text.

Roughing It, Volume 1, Huckleberry Finn, and Volumes 1 and 2 of Paine's
Biography of Mark Twain are available NOW for use with the Word
Perfect 5.1 version word processor or in DOS text format.

Volumes 3 and 4 of Paine's Biography of Mark Twain and Roughing It,
Volume 2 are currently in progress.